Pipe chamfering 6 inch
Pipe chamfering 6 inch

Beaver 6 S

Beaver 6 S , stationary tube bevelling machine
Machining range : from Ø 0,5" to Ø 6" outside diameter
machining range :from Ø 12 to Ø168 mm outside diameter
Wall thickness : up to 17 mm in one pass
Speeds : 70 - 1500 rpm
Tool holders : maximum 4 toolholder in one operation
Controls : with the wheel you operate the clamping, the pipe stop and the feeding
Voltage : 380 / 400 volts
KW : 6 KW
Table : standard with table

The main advantages of the Beaver 6 S stationary pipe bevelling machine are:

  • It is extremly fast for bevelling tubes
  • The feeding works easily with the lever in combination with the pipe stop.
  • You can make a smooth and high quality bevel with this machine, it is more constant than with portable bevellers.
  • You do not need experience on tube or pipe bevelling to use this machine
  • The motor is stepless, very usefull for small tubes and even more for stainless steel tubes
  • This machine is simple and does not require a lot of maintenance.
  • The investment on this machine is low compared to the quality and output you get.
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