CNC machine


CNC machine

The end working machines that COPIER offers with it’s Beaver S-serie models exists of manual controlled machines with only axial feeding. We have automatic machines with electrical pipe stop, clamping and feeding all controlled from a touchscreen. And besides that we have to option to invest in a CNC machine, these CNC machines have radial and axial feeding and work like a CNC lathe. Which it’s single point machining process the BEAVER CNC machines machine from the outside diameter of the pipe down to the inside diameter of the pipe, during this process they perform the machining shapes that are preset in the software.

This principal idea is similar to a CNC lathe machine. But our machines work with pipe and tubes only that are clamped on the frame and the chuck with the single point CNC machining process is turning and rotating to perform the machining on the fixed pipe.

Beaver-CNC-pipe-end-working lathe machine

CNC Lathes from Copier Bevelmachines

BEAVER CNC machines

We have this CNC lathe machines for sale, we call this our BEAVER CNC model.

Copier Bevelmachines manufacturer’s these models for the complete range of pipe diameters from 0.5” up to 56”. Alternatively we have the CNC machining centers from ARLA brand they are used mosty on extremely accurate machining for industries, such as the automotive industry, hydraulic cylinder industry and other high precision industries like the manufacturing of airplanes.

Video Beaver 24 CNC

ARLA CNC endworking machines

These ARLA CNC machines are accurate CNC lathe machines that work with the same principal idea as the BEAVER CNC the workpiece is clamped and the chuck with the cutting bits is rotating and machining the pipe.

ARLA CNC endworking machine

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