Chamfering Fittings

chamfering machine for fittings

Copier has engineered a solution for chamfering fittings like elbows, tees, flanges, caps and pipe bends.
on the stationary pipe bevelling or so called pipe chamfering machine we can engineer a special dedicated clampingset to clamp these fittings in order to chamfer them.

chamfering tees, elbows or other fittings has never been so quick and accurate.
the fitting is clamped and the chuck with the cutting bits is cutting away the steel material to get the right bevel shape as required.
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or contact us on the past couple of years we sold a a couple of custom made solutions already for chamfering fittings.
contact us for your chamfering job on +31-183441313

COPIER is manufacturer and engineer of machinery for the pipe fabrication industry, since 1997 COPIER is selling stationary pipe bevelling machines for straight pipe.


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