Pipe cutting and beveling machine

Cutting and beveling of pipes are two pipe preparations that belong to each other in the pipe fabrication industry. Copier Bevelmachines sells machinery to be used in the workshop or factory for metal pipe cutting and beveling.

More efficiency and more flexibility with our pipe cutting and beveling machine. When you have a lot of tubes or pipes in your pipe shop that needs to be cut and bevelled our cut and bevel machine might be very suitable for your work.
We offer the Beaver CB-serie machine for cutting and beveling of metal pipe. This Beaver CB-serie machine is length measuring, cutting and bevelling all in one system. This cut and bevel machine is an efficient and flexible machine for pipe mills or other factories where a lot of pipes are processed.

We can integrate our pipe cutting and beveling machines in an existing production line that the customer has. The complete machine is controlled from a touchscreen where the operator of the machine can change settings like the bevel shape, wall thickness, pipe diameter, steel material, quantities of pipes, and the information where to cut.

We could even integrate software ERP software, with this software the machine has all batch information and settings that are required for that particular batch. All this valuable information is directly shared with this machine this means that all settings in the machine will automatically adapting to this batch.

pipe cutting and bevelling machine

One key aspect of this machine for pipe manufacturers is that there is less internal transport of the pipes or tubes in the factory. Because length measuring, cutting and beveling is all done on this machine and all done in line.

Copier Bevelmachines engineered this machine to make an important combination between cutting and beveling. Multiple angles can be machined when beveling all tool changes are done automatically. Frequent bevels that occur in your workshop can be pre-set in the CNC system of this machine and are easy to select. Extra parameters have to be filled in to start the batch to provide the machine sufficient information to do the work according to the cutting and beveling requirements.

The advantages of the Beaver CB-serie:

  • Efficient and productive because length measuring, cutting and beveling is all combined in one machine.
  • The CNC system allows you to pre-set bevel shapes which makes it easier and faster to choose the next bevel shape for the next batch.
  • Less internal transport in your workshop.
  • An option is to get batch information into the machine by ERP software than the machine knows how to cut and bevel the complete batch.

Accurate cutting with an cutting insert.

The cutting and beveling process on this machine is done by a cutting insert that cuts from outside down to the inside diameter of the pipe and during this cutting, the Beaver CB-serie can machine the bevel shape as requested by your customer. The CNC program of this machine allows you to pre-set common bevels for example according to the ASME code or other bevels for like 30° or 37.5° V-bevel or J-bevel.

The Beaver CB-serie machine has radial and axial feeding and because of this the tooling can also be adjusted to perform other bevel shapes. Another aspect of the feeding system in combination with the CNC system is that it can machine thicker wall pipes than a machine with only radial feeding. Our pipe cutting and beveling machine with only radial feeding is more limited on the wall thickness.

This is a real productive and efficient solution in your pipe fabrication process, less handling is required because length measuring, cutting and beveling can be done on one machine. Our most common models are for 1” to 8” , 2” to 16” and for 6” to 24” pipe sizes

If you are interested to cut and bevel pipe contact us for more information on the different solutions we have. Email: sales@bevelmachines.com or telephone +31-(0)183441313

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Pipe bevel cutter

Cutting and bevelling pipes can also be done with our radial pipe cutter, this machine also has a hollow axis and the cutting of the metal pipe is done under an angle, to get a bevel. The radial pipe cutter can be described as a pipe bevel cutter.

This machine is not CNC controlled and cannot do pipe beveling under more than one angle in one cutting operation. The radial pipe cutter is using an IPC program.

The external looks of the machine is similar to the Beaver CB-serie.

This radial pipe cutter is a cutting and beveling machine with an length measuring system integrated in the front roller bench. This is measuring device is measuring the correct position where the pipe has to be cutted and bevelled. The machine will clamp the pipe near this position to prepare for cutting. The cutting is done by an cutting insert. This radial cutting machine circles around the pipe and during that it is cutting away the steel of pipe until the pipe is completely cut.

This radial pipe cutter is fast and will be very effective when high quantities of pipes have to be cutted and machined in a short time.

The radial pipe cutter or more suitable for carbon steel pipes that are not thicker than 20 mm. Below 20 mm wall thickness this is a great solution to cut mass production pipes per day with high accuracy. This machine is even capable of deburring solutions to the pipe end. External deburring can be done with the cutting bit during the cutting process.

Both these pipe cutting and beveling machines are for large quantities and industrial use. Both machines are fast, accurate and state of the art machinery. We use FANUC or SIEMENS CNC programs to operate our CNC and IPC control systems. These machines are invented, designed and manufactured by Copier Bevelmachines in The Netherlands.

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