Pipe deburring machine

Pipe deburring tool

When a metal pipe has been sawed or cutted there is most of the time a need to deburr the pipe with a tool or a machine. For pipe deburring it is quite common is to use a grinder to grind the pipe to get rid of deburrs on the pipe. Our pipe beveling machines can deburr very fast and easily. Our Beaver SHW-serie is a stationary pipe bevelmachine line that is available in different models. All our beveling machines have a table frame with a rotating chuck in front of the chuck is a clamping system where the pipe is clamped and directly aligned with the chuck. Setting the tool holders for deburring or beveling is easy, with the tools we have you can do internal and external deburring of the pipe. These pipe deburring tools are manufactured and engineered by ourselves.

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pipe deburring machine

Pipe deburring machine

This pipe deburring machine is also a pipe beveling machine, this means with this one machine we sell you can do pipe deburring, facing, tapering, counter boring, beveling and squaring. For example our most sold pipe beveling machine is the Beaver 16S this has a machine range that covers O.D 2” to 16”. This means that pipes from 2” outside diameter up to 16 inch diameter can be machined. Deburring a pipe on this machine is fairly straight forward, everybody could learn how to operate this deburring process. When the weld bead has to be removed inside the pipe we use the same tool as for inside deburring.

The deburring tool is a tool holder with an angle of maybe 3° this angle takes away the internal burrs on the pipe. Deburring is actually required to make the surface smooth again for the next step which is welding. For welding a smooth surface is required.

The machine can be refered to as a pipe deburrer, because it machines the pipe and takes a wall all burrs. Contact us for information about our different pipe deburring models.

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