Pipe threading machine

Pipe threading machine

Pipe threading machine

Copier Bevel Machines did a new innovation on their CNC pipe end working machine, this innovation is related to pipe threading.
pipe threading is commonly used in the oil and gas industry for example with raiser pipes to drill for oil.
the first CNC pipe threading machine that Copier designed is based on the technology from ARLA MASCHINENTECHNIK.
Copier took over ARLA in 2016 and with this take over also the technology and the expertise on CNC pipe machining has been taken over and implemented in several ways in the current portfolio of the pipe end working machines that Copier offers.

Our pipe threading machine has radial and axial feeding on the chuck of the machine, which enables the machine to adjust toolholder positions to create different shapes during the machining process. this radial and axial feeding is required to perform pipe threading on pipe ends. actually our CNC pipe threading machine is removing material in order to get the contours of the thread according to the dimensions and tolerances set by this thread standard or the specifications of the end customer.

Pipe threader

In our pipe threader machine it works actually opposite of a CNC lathe, in our machine the pipe is fixed on the frame of the machine and the chuck with the toolholders is rotating and by the rotating chuck the end of the pipe is machined. The best way to describe our machines is that they are Rotating Tool Lathes (RTL). visit our website www.bevelmachines.com to see videos and pictures on these machines.

We have the following machine models for pipe threading:

MXS 220, CNC end working machine, covering O.D 20 to 225 mm ( O.D 3/4" to 8")

MXS 323, CNC end working machine , covering O.D 150 to 330 mm ( O.D 5" to 12")

Contact us for your enquiry on these pipe threading machines at sales@copierbv.com


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