Butt joint pipe welding

When pipes have to be welded to each other, you need to two bevelled pipe ends against each other before you start welding. When welding is done the weld is called a butt joint welding.

Another name for butt joint welding is square-groove. When pipes have to be welded to each both ends of the pipes have to be machined first by a pipe bevelling machine.

Our stationary pipe beveling machine Beaver S-serie is suitable for this job.

In big pipeline projects there are in many cases a lot of butt joint welds to be made and beveling is one step before the pipe welding can take place. Common methods of pipe welding are TIG welding and MIG welding. Butt welds are welds where two pieces of metal are welded on the same highed or plain.

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Butt joint welding

butt joint welding and pipe beveling

J prep

A 'J prep' or 'J preparation' in a pipe beveling process means that the welding edge has the shape of a J letter. The J prep is a way to narrow gap weld, which means less welding material and less welding wire has to be implemented in the welding process, the gap or space is smaller than when welding a V bevel shape this causes that the J prep welding is faster and less time consuming. It is more difficult to weld a J prep because of many different welds and because this technique is more of the time used at thicker wall pipes.

When we offer machinery for beveling and the customer requires a J prep it is important to find out what the radius is of the J prep and what the angle is of the J prep.

If we have this information in place we can advise which machine type and which tooling set to use. When you have to perform a butt joint welding with J preps contact us for you pipe bevelling solution. Just send us an email at sales@bevelmachines.com.

I many cases an inside diameter tracker is required for the root on the J prep that has to be accurate all around the pipe. The inside diameter tracker or so called ID copying system is following the inner diameter of the pipe when preparing the J-prep in this way it keeps track of the out of roundness of the pipe and preform a bevel with tighter tolerances.

pipe bevelling a butt joint weld

J bevel

A J prep or J bevel is exactly the same both have the J shape bevel.

Because there is also a v bevel, x bevel and a j bevel, the letter in combination with the word bevel clarifies the preparation. V bevels and J bevels when welded are known as V joints and J joints.

It seems that the word J bevel is more common is European countries. The world J prep is more used in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. Both the terminology J beveling and J prepping are used in the oil and gas related industries.

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