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Copier is offering chamfering machinery for metal pipe to the market since 1997, in the year 2016 ARLA Maschinentechnik GmbH has been taken over by COPIER Bevelmachines. Copier and ARLA are both machine manufactures that focus on pipe chamfering machinery and they both have an extensive range of manual, automatic and CNC controlled pipe and tube chamfering machinery. all of the machines that are now manufactured by COPIER in it's factory in the Netherlands are stationary machinery for industrial and heavy duty use.

Chamfering machineCOPIER Bevelmachines sells it's pipe chamfering machinery worldwide many to the petrochemical industry, plant construction industry, or pipe spool fabrication shops. The pipe chamfering machinery that COPIER engineers are manual, automatic or CNC controlled.
the metal pipe is clamped on the frame of the machine and the chuck with the cutting bits is cutting the metal pipe end to preform the bevel or chamfer.

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Chamfering metal pipesThere is a need to chamfering metal pipes, because the pipes need to be prepared for the next step which is the manual or automatic welding process. especially with an automatic welding process there are specific requirements to the bevelshape, the land and the tolerances. Copier Bevelmachines offers machinery to preform welding edge preparation by chamfering the pipes.
with the pipe chamfering machines that we offer in different models you can machine pipes that are right within the tolerances of the bevelshape and ASME code.

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Beaver 16 S, pipe chamfering machine

Our most sold machine worldwide for pipe chamfering is the stationary machine Beaver 16S this machine covers outside diameters from 2" to 16" and up to 25 mm of wall thickness in one pass.

Beaver 16 S (manual), stationary pipe chamfering machine
machine range : from o.d 60 to 410 mm (2" to 16")
wall thickness : up to 25 mm
controls : manual clamping and feeding


Beaver 16 S AUT , stationary pipe chamfering machine
machine range : from o.d 60 to 410 mm (2" to 16")
wall thickness : up to 25 mm
controls : Automatic cycle : with electrical clamping, pipe stop and feeding.

Watch the video on this page to get more information about the Beaver 16S with a pipe conveyor.

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Beaver 16S pipe chamfering machine


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