pipe chamfering machine

pipe chamfering machine

the stationary pipe chamfering machines that Copier Bevelmachines sells world wide are state of the art, very accurate and solid.
the company offers the Beaver S serie these are manual or automatically controlled machines that could chamfer in one pass up to 25 mm of wall thickness. the machine models for pipe chamfering that are available with our company are:

Beaver 3S for OD pipe diameters from 1/4" to 3"

Beaver 6S for OD pipe diameters from 0.5" to 6"

Beaver 8S for OD pipe diameters from 1" to 8"

Beaver 16S for OD pipe diameters from 2" to 16"

Beaver 24S AUT for OD pipe diameters from 8" to 24"

And even machine models for bigger diameters from up to 56".

these are the machines for straight metal pipes but we also offer custom made solutions for fitting chamfering, this is one machine model that covers the fittings from OD 3" to 16".

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or e-mail us on sales@copierbv.com for your enquiry.

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pipe chamfering machine

Beaver 16S pipe chamfering machine video

contact us for your fitting chamfering enquiry on sales@copierbv.com
for every radius and diameter of each fitting we have to engineer and manufacture a dedicated clampingset.
the rest of machine stays the same if you have fittings from 3" to 16".

in the last couple of years Copier Bevelmachines has manufactured quite a few custom made machines for chamfering elbows or pipe bends. they all require these specially engineered clampingsets. the difficulty is sometimes to fix the elbow on the right position and to align it with the centre of the chuck.

watch the below video of the fitting chamfering machine to get a better understanding of how our solution works.

fitting chamfering machine


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