Tube end forming machine

Our tube bending, tube beveling, or tube cutting and beveling machinery are of the group of machinery that belong to tube end forming machines.

The tube bending machine is forming the tube in such a way that required bend with radius, diameter and wall thickness is being made.

Our tube bending machines are being sold under the brand Buffalo the design and expertise of this brand is established by the company AMGA. AMGA manufactures the tube bending machinery already for more than 35 years. Copier Bevelmachines is offering the Buffalo tube bending machines for tube diameter up to 4”.

We offer also two different models for mobile tube bending, these machines are on wheels and light weight. The models we have for mobile tube bending are for 1 ¼” and for up to 1 ½”

The stationary tube bending machines we have are for up to 2”, 3” or 4”. Contact us for your bending requirement.

Our pipe beveling machinery are other machines we offer for tube end forming. Beveling or chamfering machinery are offered for the full range from 0.5” up to 56” inch pipes. Our machines are table frame bevelmachines, the pipe is clamped on the machine and the chuck with the cutting bit is rotating and cutting under an angle to create the bevel, in this way the required bevelangle is being made.

Tube end forming machines

Tube end forming machines offered by Copier Bevelmachines are for the following purposes: tube cutting, beveling, grooving, tapering, counterboring, facing, squaring and bending. Even with our CNC machines we could offer threading to our pipes and tubes.

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tube end forming machine

Tube end forming equipment is offered by many companies world wide, but when you contact Copier Bevelmachines you know you contact the specialist on pipe cutting and beveling, because we started to manufacture the first machinery in our factory in 1997 and over the years we have shipped hundreds of these machines.

For all tube end forming machines and tube end preparation machines we can offer custom made solutions with our experienced engineering department. They will face your issue and will see it as a challenge to come up with the best solution. Together with you we will discuss the possible solutions and directions we can go and pick the best one for your business.

Tube end finishing

The CNC pipe finishing machine that we offer is a real advanced machine with a state of the art software technology in combination with a special feeding system. With the both radial and axial feeding on the rotating chuck all tube end finishing and pipe end finishing preparations could be machined on the pipe. You should think of pipe beveling, pipe facing, squaring, pipe turning, pipe tapering and pipe counter boring. Even special preparation requirements could be implemented in the software of the CNC system and can be repeated by the machine. There is no need to change tool holders by hand everything is done automatically. Another strong advantage of this machine is that the machine is not limited to any wall thickness because of the feeding system it cuts from outside to inside. This means that thicker pipes only take a bit longer to machine completely. This machine offers many advantages for companies that want the latest start of the art technique for their pipe end finishing or tube end finishing job!

Watch the below video of our Beaver 24 CNC machine that is capable of pipe beveling, deburring, facing , squaring and tapering.
this CNC machine covers OD 6" to 24" pipes. and with it's radial and axial feeding it can machine heavy wall pipes easily.
automatically it changes tools to machine different angles.

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Copier manufactures tube bending machines for portable and stationary use for up to 3 inch diameter. Go to this link to go to the website.


We offer end working machines for CNC machining metal pipes, cylinders or axis.
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