0.5 up to 6 inch pipe beveling

Beaver 6 S, stationary pipe beveling machine

in 2017 we invented an stationary tube beveling machine for the diameter range of 0.5" up to 6", In this range we now have a very competitive and fast beveling machine. It works exactly the same as the successor Beaver 3S, in fact only every thing is larger but the principal idea of the Beaver 3S and Beaver 6S are the same.

How this Beaver 6S tube beveling machine works?

put the tube in the clampingset, start the machine and start the feeding, install the RPM based on the kind of steel, rotate the feeding wheel to move the chuck of the beveling machine to the pipe stop, the clampingset is closing and holding the tube, when the chuck is close to the pipe stop the pipe stop is taken away, the cutting bits start cutting away the material under the angle, the chips fall down in the chip container, within 7 seconds of actual beveling the bevel is finised, go back with the chuck by rotating the feeding wheel the opposite direction, the pipe stop falls back in place, when the chuck is back at the zero position, switch of the feeding / rotating of the chuck, the clampingset is opened and the tube could be removed, the result is about 10 to 15 seconds maximum is a smooth and accurate bevel.

if this is not clear please watch the video of the Beaver 3S and you will understand.

Beaver 3S video tube bevel machine

Beaver 6 S, pipe bevel machine

The Beaver 6 S has also the same clamping set as the Beaver 3S this means that for every tube diameter you need different inner clamping shells the be mounted in the jaws of the clampingset, this is a matter of 1.5 minute in order to change them.

The Beaver 6 S can do 12 mm outside diameter up to 168 outside diameter on carbonsteel, stainless steel or even aluminium or copper tubes.
All beveling is done with dry cutting. the machine can bevel up to 17 mm of wall thickness in one pass and it has 4 toolholder positions in the chuck where you could mount toolholders with different angles.

go to the dedicated webpage of the Beaver 6S here
if the Beaver 6S is to small for you, we manufacture stationary pipe bevel machines in the range of 0.5" up to 60" in different models, visit our website www.bevelmachines.com

For example you could use two positions in the chuck of the tube bevel machine to do the outside bevel of 30 or 37.5 degrees, one position is for the 90 degrees rootface and the last position could be used for the inside machining or so called tapering or counterboring of the tube. this tapering is sometimes used to correct the bevel because of out of roundness of the tube / pipe. Alternatively it is used to deburr the inner diameter after the sawing process.

go to www.bevelmachines.com and www.endworking.com to get familiar with our pipe and tube end working solutions.

0.5 up to 6 inch pipe beveling


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