pipe chamfering machine


pipe chamfering is preparing the metal pipe ends of a pipe for welding purposes.
They way COPIER makes it's machines is that the metal pipe is clamped on the frame of the machine and that the chuck with the cutting bits is cutting away the material in order to get the right angle.

Chamfering by cutting away material with our machinery is a high quality, fast and accurate proces.
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The company COPIER manufactures pipe chamfering machines for pipe diameters from 0.5" up to 56", COPIER offers manual , automatic and CNC controlled machines. This is the link to the dedicated website for the pipe chamfering machine

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The CNC controlled chamfering machines work like a turning lathe and can automatically preform ID and OD machining without manually changing the toolholders in the chuck.

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CNC controlled pipe chamfering machine chamfering machine COPIER

Chamfering machines that COPIER sells are mostly for chamfering straight pipes up to 30 inch outside diameter.
We can offer manual, automatic and CNC controlled machines for these dimensions.

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The chamfering machines from COPIER are solid, accurate and state of the art.
the advantage of working together with our company is that we could offer all the technical advise which tooling to use to achieve your goal.
the pipe chamfering machines we manufacture and engineer ourselves in the factory in the Netherlands. We have 20 years of experience on pipe chamfering. We could offer you even custom made machinery that are stand alone solutions or complete productionlines for pipe cutting and chamfering with automatic pipe transfer. Even we could offer our semi automatic pipe spool welding machinery to you.
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We also offer chamfering machinery for T-pieces, elbows, pipe bends and flanges this is all based on the customer's requirements.

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pipe chamfering machine video : Beaver 16S this is covering 2"-16"


3 inch pipe chamfering machine

The Beaver 3S is a pipe chamfering machine from 0.5" up to 3", this stationary machine is suitable for every pipe shop.
the above picture is an example how the Beaver 3S looks like.
with the movement of the lever you operate the clamping, the pipe stop and the feeding.

link to Beaver 3S webpage click here.

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