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The Beaver S-serie is a pipe bevelmachine or so called pipe beveler for heavy wall pipes.

We have pipe beveler machines for 0,5" to 3" (Beaver 3S) or for 1" to 8" ( Beaver 8S) or for example a bevelling machine for 2" to 16" (Beaver 16S) and the Beaver 24 S is for 6" to 24". All these machines are stationary pipe beveler machines for industrial use.

Our pipe beveler machines are the most advanced and durable stationary pipe bevelmachines on the market. We use thick steel in order to get a stable frame on the machine that absorbs the vibrations when beveling which causes that the stability is perfect to get a smooth and accurate bevel on the pipe end. visit the Beaver S-serie webpage to get an idea of how these machines look like.

Copier Bevelmachines started in 1997 with manufacturing the first stationary pipe beveler, in these years we already sold quite some machines to the German and Scandinavian market mainly related to pipe fabrication, oil and gas and offshore.
Pipe shops require pipe beveler machines or so called pipe bevelling machines to get a smooth and accurate welding preparation.
especially these days this is required for automatic pipe welding. the advantage of our stationary pipe beveler is that it always provide you accurate and smooth bevel. contact us for your inquiry for pipe bevelling sales@copierbv.com

We mainly focus on the pipe mills, pipeline construction, offshore and oil and gas industry with our pipe bevelers. All companies in metal pipe fabrication in the previous mentioned industries have to bevel the pipes after the cutting or sawing. When the bevel machine needs to be bought it is important to study how the bevelled pipe should look like, which bevel shape and pipe beveling tool will provide me the required end result. The stationary pipe bevelmachines of Copier Bevelmachines will always provide you a smooth and accurate bevelled pipe end. Our pipe bevelers are for sale in different models in the complete range from 0,5” up to 56” pipe diameter.

Call us for more technical information on: +31-183441313 or email us: sales@copierbv.com

Pipe beveler for sale

Copier Bevelmachines has many different pipe beveler for sale, visit www.bevelmachines.com homepage to get a better idea of how many different pipe beveler machines we have for sale our most popular pipe bevelling machines we sell are our 8 inch and 16 inch pipe bevelling machines. Go to this link for the Beaver 8S and for the Beaver 16S there you will find more detailed information.
if you are interested to invest in our pipe bevelers contact us on sales@copierbv.com

We have the Beaver S-serie for bevelling pipes up to 1 inch of wall thickness in one pass ( up to 25.4mm) or the Beaver SHW-serie which is a machine line that bevels pipes up to 45 mm in one pass. An Alternative to these axial feeded pipe beveler machines is the CNC controlled pipe bevelling machines these machines have radial and axial feeding and work like a turning lathe, they cut the steel material from outside the inside of the pipe using a cutting bit, during this process all bevelshapes are preformed. when bevelling or machining the metal pipe with a CNC bevelling machine than machine automatically adjusts the toolingset to get the right angles and shapes.

With many different pipe bevelling machines in the market we focus on a number of key aspects, we only manufacture stationary pipe beveling machines for heavy duty use. all our machines last for a long time because they are manufactured solid and robust to be used every day. The bevelmachines are manufactured by Copier Bevelmachines in it's own factory, where we strive to keep on developing the machine based on the experience of customers. Over the years we have made several designs at this moment we sell the Beaver 3.0 serie, which is the 3rd generation of our S-serie.

if you have any questions contact our sales department for pipe bevelling machines on +31-183441313 or on sales@copierbv.comgo here to our company website.

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Pipe beveler

Pipe beveling tools

The pipe beveling tools that are required for our stationary pipe bevelmachines are the cutting inserts and the toolholders. The toolholders we manufacture also ourselves, our engineers design the tool holders for pipe beveling according to the bevel shape or bevel angles that are are needed by the customer. Based on the bevel angle the engineer could design the tool holder for beveling. Besides the fact that we have pipe bevelers are for sale also our we advise on which toolingsets can be used for which purpose. For example it is important to know that stainless steel pipes might require other cutting inserts and other cutting speeds on the machine than carbon steel pipes.

Another pipe beveling tool that we offer is an Inside diameter tracker or so called copying system for copying with a roll the inside diameter of the pipe. This is required to keep track of out of round pipes and to get a J-bevel on out of round pipes. J-bevels are more and more required.

Call us for more technical information on: +31-183441313 or email: sales@bevelmachines.com

16 inch pipe beveler for sale

Pipe Beveler Machine from COPIER

After sawing a metal pipe a beveler is required in order to weld the pipe again to another pipe or elbow.
our pipe beveler is a stationary machine that is available in different types for different pipe diameters.
are you looking to invest in a beveler machine to bevel pipes contact us on sales@copierbv.com or call us on +31-183441313Beveler for sale

we have the following machines for bevelling for sale:

Beaver 3S, for 0,5" to 3" pipes
Beaver 8S, for 1" to 8" pipes
Beaver 16S, for 2" to 16" pipes
Beaver 24S, for 6" to 24" pipes
Beaver 30S, for 8" to 30" pipes

go to this webpage of the Beaver S-serie to get more information about these machine models.
Is the for sale not mentioned in the above list? please contact us to see if we can offer you an alternative.
for more information or if you want an inquiry on one of these pipe bevelers please email us sales@copierbv.com

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beveler for pipes

Pipe beveler small tubes

COPIER manufactures different pipe beveler machines for tubes and pipes.
The smallest pipe beveler that COPIER manufactures is the Beaver 3S this machine covers O.D tube sizes from 12 to 90 mm.
This Beaver 3S pipe beveler is fast, accurate and state of the art.
Within 15 seconds you can prefrom an accurate and smooth bevel on your pipe end.

go to our website www.bevelmachines.com for more information or go here to the dedicated website for the Beaver 3S

Contact us for more information on our Beaver 3 S pipe beveler or other pipe beveler machines up to 48 inch on sales@copierbv.com
or call us on telephone number +31-183-441313.

watch the video below of the Beaver 3S pipe beveler machine, with this machine you work quick and accurate for bevelling tubes up to 90 mm (3 inch).

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Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation. Go to this link to go to the website.


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