pipe beveling

Pipe beveling

Since 1997 Copier Bevelmachines manufactures stationary pipe beveling machinery, our core product range is the Beaver S-serie.
the Beaver S-serie is a range of pipe beveling machines that cover with different machine models the complete range of pipe diameters from 0.5" up to 56" outside diameter. our most sold machines are pipe beveling machines up to 8", up to 16" and up to 24".
our pipe beveling machine is mechanically machining the material off the pipe end under an angle to create the angle (bevel).
pipe beveling could be done with many different angles most common are v-bevels of 30 degrees or 37.5 degrees.
also internal pipe beveling is possible with our beveling machines than different toolholders have to be purchase to machine the inside diameter of the pipe. contact us for more information.

our machines are solid, accurate and really reliable. The beveling machines require little maintenace the expertise is the way we construct and developed the machines for pipe beveling over the years.

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beveling and chamfering. pipe beveling machines we manufacture and we export them all over the world.
beveling machines are used to prepare pipes with an angle to make a weld preparation. after that the pipes are easier to weld together.

pipe beveling machine

pipe beveling machine turning

beveling and chamfering

Beveling is in fact the same as chamfering.
when bevelling or chamfering a metal pipe end you are in fact using a cutted of sawed pipe or just standard pipe length and prepare the end of the pipe or tube to machine it to get a welding edge preparation.
bevelling or chamfering is required in order to get a smooth and accurate basis before you start welding.
especially when your are automatic welding the bevelling or chamfering is high important.

visit our website for more information on bevelling and chamfering machinery that we manufacture in our factory in Holland.

website: www.bevelmachines.com
e-mail sales: sales@bevelmachines.com
telephone: +31-183441313

Manufacture and engineer of state of the art machinery for pipe end finishing and forming:

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Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation. Go to this link to go to the website.


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