Pipe chamfering

Portable chamfering or stationary chamfering

Copier Bevelmachines manufactures mostly stationary pipe chamfering machines, these machines are for the pipe fabrication shop or inside a factory where pipes are welded.

This means that the pipes has have to be brought to the machine in order to machine them according to the requested chamfer.

In the market there are machine portable pipe chamfering machines or mobile chamfering machines these machines are more for contractors that construct pipelines in the field, because they are mobile and light weight they are easier to transport to the place where the pipe have to be chamfered (see our Beaver F-serie). But our stationary machinery are far more efficient in use and provide a more constant quality than the portable chamfering machines or portable bevelling machines

Also the durability of the portable pipe chamfering machines is most of the time shorter compared to our Beaver S-serie stationary chamfering machines. Contact us for more advise on which machine for chamfering is the most suitable for your job sales@bevelmachines.com.

Pipe chamfering means machining a pipe in order to get a welding edge preparation.

The chamfer tool on our chamfering machine is cutting the steel material from the pipe end to get the chamfer. Especially in the oil and gas industry with high pressure pipelines the welding preparation has to be done very accurate in order to get a good base to start with before welding the pipes together. Tolerances on the chamfering process are getting tighter and more important in the industry, with our stable and accurate machine it is easy to offer quality and accurate bevels to your customers. An extra option is our Inside copying system to follow the inside diameter of the pipe to keep track of out of round pipes to always get an equal bevel all around the pipe.

Chamfering machine

A chamfering machine is nothing more than a machine that takes away material under an angle in order to provide a good welding edge preparation. the pipe chamfering machines that Copier Bevelmachines belong to the most solid and accurate chamfering machines in the world. The machines are well known for its excellent speed, reliability and continous performance.

Our chamfering machines are also available with the option to do pipe cutting. This cutting and chamfering solution exists out of an hollow axis were both the cutting and the chamfering is taking place after the pipe is measured on the correct length for more information on our pipe chamfering machines and our pipe cutting and chamfering solutions go to the Beaver S-serie and the Beaver CB-serie.

Of course many companies still use CNC lathe machines for chamfering pipes or tubes, but there are some major advantages of our stationary pipe chamfering machines to make it worth while looking into our machinery :

  • The machines are easy and fast to operate;
  • They are built for heavy duty use;
  • The pipe bevel machine has a good quality - price balance;
  • Little maintenance is required;
  • The machines are very durable and robust.

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Pipe chamfering machine

Chamfering machines for pipe are most of the time portable machines that you find on the market.
Copier Bevelmachines manufactures and sells world wide stationary pipe chamfering machines that are very solid and manufactured for heavy duty industrial use. the pipe chamfering machines that we manufactured we kept on redeveloping the last years.
The first pipe chamfering machines for stationary use where manufactured by Copier in the year 1997.
With the feedback from our customers and with our technical expertise we could now offer you the third generation which is our Beaver S-serie range. Our most sold machine we manufacture for pipe chamfering is the Beaver 16 S, this machine can chamfer pipe diameters from 2" up to 16". In milimeters the chamfering range is from 60 to 410 mm.
contact us for further information on the different machine models we can offer you

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pipe chamfering machine

Chamfering machine

Chamfering machine

Bevelling of chamfering a pipe is easy with our Beaver 16 S for example, the pipe is clamped in the prism clamping set manually by the operator. The chamfering machine has chamfering tool holders which should have the correct position in the chuck of the chamfer machine. When this is done the lid is closed and the operator can manually feed the machine closer to the metal pipe end to start the chamfering process. After some time the complete shape of the chamfer shape is machined by the operator and than one end of the pipe is chamfered completely.

Our machines for pipe chamfering are for industrial use and metal pipe fabrication. Most of our customers use these machines in businesses related to the oil and gas industry or for example spool fabrication or skid fabrication.

Machines for Tube and Pipe

Tube and pipe can both be chamfered with the machines we offer. Copier Bevelmachines started in 1997 with its own factory and engineering office to design these machines and to manufacture them. We nowadays offer for tube chamfering machines from 0,5” up to 3” and a machine for 1” up to 8”.

For pipes we offer the chamfering machines that are more for heavy duty use, the range of machines we offer for pipes are from 1” to 56”. For heavy wall pipes and for stainless steel chamfering or even CNC controlled chamfering we have solutions, therefore contact us on sales@bevelmachines.com for your inquiry. We will always advise which machine suits your pipe fabrication work best. We have been offering the pipe prefabrication market for many years now and we know about the latest ASME standards and oil and gas requirements for the welding and bevelling.

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CNC pipe chamfering machine

Our CNC pipe chamfering machine is a stationary machine with both radial and axial feeding.
this CNC controlled machine is similar like a CNC turning lathe.
our CNC machine works also from outside diameter and machines to the inside of the pipe with cutting bits, during this process of taking a way material with the cutting bit it preforms different angles according to the required of the chamfering shape or chamfering angle.
the operator could choose in the operator level of the machine, which chamfering shape he requires and he could select this.
the machine provides you the technical drawing, by filling in some parameters the machine knows the information about the pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness and the total material it should take a way to get the required chamfer on the pipe end.

contact us for more information, but first watch the video here of the CNC machine.

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