Pipe end forming machine

The machinery that Copier Bevelmachines manufacturers in its factory in Holland are all focussing on pipe end forming or pipe end finishing. The pipe end forming machine that is sold the most is the pipe bevelling machine to make welding edges on metal pipes.

The pipe beveling machine is a pipe end forming machine but it belongs to a larger group of pipe end forming machines that Copier manufacturers, for example the pipe bending machines, the pipe cutting and beveling machines, CNC controlled pipe finishing machines and the pipe roll grooving machines for sprinkler purposes. All these machines we sell world-wide. A pipe end forming machine forms the shape of the pipe, the pipe bending machine that we have is a clear example of a forming process of the pipe.

pipe end forming machine

Pipe end forming machine

We focus on mobile pipe bending machines and stationary pipe bending machines.

The mobile pipe bending machines are portable machines on wheels and can be transported because of this really easily. These machines are often used in the shipyard industry or in other field where small diameter tubes or pipes have to be bended.

The diameter tubes that our machines can bend are up to 1 1/2”. Go to these models for 1 ¼” and 1 ½” mobile tube bending machines. Or contact us for an offer on these Buffalo tube bending machines on sales@bevelmachines.com we manufacturer also our own bending dies that belong to these cold bend machines for tubes.

The stationary pipe bending machines that we sell are another example of pipe end forming machines. These machines are for heavy duty use and have more power than the mobile tube bending machines. We have cold tube bending machines in stationary form for tubes up to 2” and up to 3” diameter. The software is by IPC controlled which means that the requested radius, the tube diameter and the wall thickness have to be pre-set in order to get automatically the requested bend. All the tube bending machinery that we have are electrical hydraulically. Go to our stationary tube bending machines page.

pipe end forming machine

Pipe end former

An example of our machine that is a pipe end former is our pipe bevelling machine and our pipe roll grooving machine. The pipe bevelling machine is forming the edge of the pipe in such a way that it could be welded afterwards.

Pipe end preparation

Preparing a pipe in production is machining the pipe to take away material or change the shape of the pipe. A pipe end preparation machine is capable of machining the pipe end with a cutting bit. Pipe end preparations that you should think of are pipe tapering, pipe threading, pipe squaring, pipe facing, pipe counter boring, pipe sawing and pipe cutting. Contact us for these machining solutions. Most of these preparations our CNC pipe finishing machine can offer.


Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation. Go to this link to go to the website.


We offer end working machines for CNC machining metal pipes, cylinders or axis.
Go to this website for more information.


Pipe roll grooving machine for grooving sprinkler pipes. Go to this link for the website.


O.D 3” to 42”. Go to this link to go to the website.