Pipe fabrication

Pipe fabrication

The machinery that Copier Bevelmachines manufacturers are for the metal pipe fabrication and the pipe prefabrication industry. Mainly our pipe beveling and other pipe finishing machinery are focussing on pipe fabrication like spool fabrication, heat exchanger construction, pressure vessels construction, boiler and tank construction, skid fabrication and other related prefab for pipes that takes place in pipe shops. Cutting, beveling, facing, bending and welding of pipe is all done in these pipe workshops. Copier bevel machines can offer all these preparations by offering and advising on the right equipment for the job.

Even for stainless steel pipes, duplex pipes or Inconel pipes we inform our customers which machines and which machine setting to use in order to get the best possible quality bevel on the pipe.

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pipe fabrication machine

Pipe fabrication machinery

copier bevelmachines focusses on the pipe fabrication industry with it's machinery, all machinery that is sold by Copier is for the pipe prefabrication of pipe fabrication industry.
We offer pipe bevelling machines, pipe cutting and bevelling machines, pipe finishing production lines, pipe bending machinery, pipe roll grooving machinery and pipe spool welding machinery.

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Welding pipes

For stainless steel material we have our automatic pipe welding machine available that welds pipe from 4” inch diameter up to 42 inch diameter. This welding machine is modular and can be extended for high capacity. Our welding machine is especially interesting when manufacturing pipe spools, pressure vessels or pipelines. Heavy wall pipe

A few of the main areas where Copier Bevelmachines finds its customers is in at Fabricators in the pipe fabrication industry or spool fabrication industry in the UAE, Germany, Austria, Canada and The United States. Most of our customers are in some way related to the oil and gas industry. A lot of the heavy wall pipes are used in the pipeline construction, skid fabrication and heat exchanger industries. All these heavy wall and larger diameter metal pipes have to be prepared before welding. In order to get a smooth and accurate welded pipe connection the surface of the bevel needs to be of high quality and should be accurate.

To these industries we could offer stationary pipe bevel machines, automated pipe welding machines and CNC controlled pipe

Call us for more technical information +31-183441313 or email : sales@bevelmachines.com

Watch the CNC pipe bevelling video below:


Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation. Go to this link to go to the website.


We offer end working machines for CNC machining metal pipes, cylinders or axis.
Go to this website for more information.


Pipe roll grooving machine for grooving sprinkler pipes. Go to this link for the website.


O.D 3” to 42”. Go to this link to go to the website.