Tube chamfering machine

Tube chamfering machinery are machines for small tubes mostly. Tube and pipes are words that are used for the same purpose, mostly is the word tubes used for smaller diameters.

The tube chamfering machines that we manufacture in our facility in Holland are for outside diameters up to 3”, up to 8”, up to 16” and even in different models up to 56”.

We are well known in the market because we offer custom made solutions on tube and pipe chamfering. Our machines are machines for in the factory. The machines work in such a way that the tube is clamped and the cutting bits is rotating around the pipe end to cut away the metal to get the bevel angle. We offer manual, automatic or CNC controlled tube chamfering machines. Contact us for your inquiry.

Besides this we also focus on offering machinery that offer more end preparations that only chamfering for example also tube tapering or tube facing.

For these different tube end preparation you need tube chamfer tools these different tools all have different angles. We engineer and design the tooling for the machinery for the right angle and chamfer dimensions that the customer needs.

chamfering tubes

when you are chamfering tubes you need to decide to use a portable machine or a stationary tube chamfering machine.
chamfering machines for tubes you have in many different forms and application.
but if you have a high quantity of tubes or pipes to be chamfered per day that a stationary machine like the Beaver 3S is really convinient and extremely fast.

watch the video below of the Beaver 3S tube chamfering machine for 0.5" up to 3" and up to 10 mm wall thickness.

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