Tube cutting machine

We have a tube cutting machine that do length measuring, cutting and beveling if required.

These machines could be offered in different models. One of the models we offer is only able to offer radial pipe cutting for straight cuts or for angle cuts. The angle cuts is offering a plain bevel to the pipe end.

Our tube cutting is done by a rotating hollow chuck with cutting inserts that forces from outside to the inside of the tube and take off the steel material during this process until the pipe is completely cutted.

Cutting and sawing are always related to each other many customers try to combine the cutting and sawing process in some way to tube beveling or pipe beveling.

On the market there are many different kinds of bandsaws or circular saws but always the next step will be the bevelling of the tube. Our Beaver CB-serie machine is combining the cutting and beveling process in one machine, this means that the pipes are loaded on the front conveyor of the machines, the length of the pipe is measured and later on in the machine itself the pipe or tube is cutted and bevelled with the correct bevel shape. Our tube cutting machines is providing a smooth and accurate bevel. All bevels are being pre –set in the Beaver CB-serie machine and the operator could change bevelshapes.

tube cutting machine

There are many advantages of our pipe cutting and beveling machines, a few of them are listed below:

  • High production output;
  • Length measuring, cutting and beveling on one machine;
  • Less handling means less personnel is required;
  • With our CNC controlled machine batch information can be loaded easily and different bevel shapes could be choosen easily;
  • The machine requires less floor space than if cutting / sawing and beveling is done separately.

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tube cutting machine 04

Tube cutter machine

Tube cutters are most of the time small mobile machines that you can take with you. Our tube cutter machine is a stationary tube cutting machine which means that it is being used in factories, pipe prefabrication shop or pipe shops. All the machinery that Copier Bevelmachines manufactures are for industrial use.

Steel tube cutting machine

Our pipe cutting and beveling machine is for steel tubes and pipes. Many different steel could be cutted with this machine for example carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex and other alloyed steel. Contact us for your requirement on


Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation. Go to this link to go to the website.


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